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I'm Patricia C. Montero, a Venezuelan graphic designer settled in Montreal since 2008. Recently, user experience design gave me a new understanding of the creative process. So, I decided to become a UX designer, or as they say, a “UXer”.

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How I can help you

I'm a self-taught user experience designer. As my background is in graphic design, I focus my practice on user interaction. Still, I'm able to collaborate in all stages of the UX process.

I keep your work visible, even on a tiny screen with a slow internet connection. And beyond that, I make sure that you and your creations remind the star of your website.

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From drawer to graphic designer

I used to carry a sketchbook everywhere. It held the things that I treasured back then: cartoon characters, dolls and puppies. As I grew up, it seemed only natural to my friends and family that I applied to the art school in my city, Maracaibo.

When I got my diploma, I started another one in graphic design. It occurred to me that the latter would give me a practical way to express myself. The beautiful messages I could create must have a purpose. That won me over.

“It was so freeing to be able to make work that wasn't about me but about solving problems.” —Jessica Hische

From graphic designer to UXer

After a few years working as a graphic designer, I could tell that something was missing.

Sometimes, my decisions were subjective, or the result unmatched the problem. I seldom jumped into the wrong issues to solve. It wasn't until I started reading about UX design that I found the missing puzzle piece.

My first incursion into it was the redesign of this website. Usability testing helped me to understand the issues and define my goals. A targeted audience guided me through tailoring the message. Every step made sense. Every decision had a reason.

Looking back, I understand why I felt somehow lost. I was working for a universe of random people by myself. I overlooked the tiny fact that I'm not my audience.

Nowadays, I carry two sketchbooks everywhere. One to draw. The other one, to ideate.

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